Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, 1993-A Life Circle

Dear Blab,
Only Cynthia can say, "The whale emptied her songs into her baby." Only Cynthia can make me retrace my steps back twenty-one years ago. Back to the moments that were left behind in my forgotten places. To the moment of the first movement of life within me, back to the time when she, my first child, burst out of my body in a flood and into my arms. And now I am feeling the life of my first grandchild. I watch my child's body change and shift to
accommodate her child. I sneak peeks at her in between my knitting and purling as she rubs her billowing belly making contact with her unborn as she sits watching nothing on T.V.. Her hands caress her bulging abdomen. Sometimes she giggles when her baby makes contact from the inside out. She'll call, "Mom, Dad, feel this." My daughter never knows I've been spying on her, watching her as she bonds and loves her unknown. The purity of the love between mother and unborn child. Oneness.
Thanks Cynthia,

Our 5th grandchild is now growing in my son's wife. Eighteen years later I am blessed to watch my son and daughter grow, caress, and bond with their 2nd child. I love that I have kept a Living Book for 20 years!
Today revisiting my 2nd Living Book, February 16, 1993-June 17, 1993, I am able to connect a straight line and turn it into a life circle.

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